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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my legal matter cost? 

This is a great question.  Our hourly rate is $300.00 per hour for attorney time billed in six (6) minute intervals.  How many hours your case takes will depend on your goals.  Do you want to resolve matters quickly and efficiently?  Is the other party amicable?  Can you actively participate in document review and are you organized?  During our initial meeting we can discuss variables that will effect the cost of your legal matter.    

Clients are also responsible for all expenses related to their legal matter including but not limited to - filing fees, copy services, courier service, parking, mileage.  

How much does mediation cost? 

Mediation session are billed by the hour at $300.00 per hour.  Generally mediation fees are split equally among the parties.  In some cases, one party may agree (or be ordered) to pay mediation fees in full.  Payments are due on the day of mediation.  

How long will my case take?

This is also an excellent question and the answer depends on several variables.  Do you want to resolve your case efficiently or do you want to fight over Fido (or the proverbial kitchen sink) for the next two (2) years?  Do you live in a County with a high volume of cases or a more rural area? 


It is safe to say a divorce without minor children will take at least three (3) months and a divorce with minor children will take about nine (9) months to one (1) year. Other family law matters take approximately three (3) to nine (9) months. 

Probate matters differ wildly in docket time - some petitions are heard and a decision rendered in a couple of weeks while other cases may take several years. 

An Estate Plan can be completed quickly in an emergency but may require the family/client to gather documents and reflect on their wishes and/or needs.  

In short - parties' choices/behavior as well as the County your case is heard are major variables in how long your legal matter will take to complete.  

Do you offer payment options? 

Yes!  We offer several payment options.  We accept check, cash and credit card payments (subject to a 3.75%) processing fee.  

Monthly payment plans are available.  

Flat fee services may apply to some legal matters at the discretion of our office.  

We offer sliding scale fee and pro bono services on a limited basis throughout the year.  

Our office will consider potential exchange of services pursuant to State Bar of Michigan Ethics Opinion CI - 784.  If you have a skill. trade or goods that represent a valuable trade please contact our office to discuss options.   

What if we do not settle at mediation?

Don't lose hope.  Sometimes a case does not settle at the parties' first mediation session for a variety of reasons (an attorney/client may not have prepared well enough to settle in good faith, new information could have come to light during the session, one or both parties could be struggling to digest settlement options and need additional time, the case could be unique or complex in some way).  

If a case does not settle during the first mediation session the parties may agree to several options:  enter a partial agreement, schedule another session to complete an agreement, engage in negotiations with their attorneys, return to court for guidance from the Judge, request the Mediator provide more guidance via phone or email after some time has passed or proceed to trial.  

How long is a typical mediation session? 

There is no such thing as a 'typical' mediation session.  Each case, each party has a unique set of goals and limitations.  Mediation session are generally scheduled four (4) to eight (8) hours depending on the facts of the particular case.  

Do you have additional questions?  Think others could benefit from the answer?  

Send us a message.  We will add your FAQ to help clarify our services, procedures, goals and policies.

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