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Angela E. Space, Esq.

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What areas of law do you specialize in? 

     I specialize in Family Law, Probate and Estate Planning.  I am also a trained Domestic Relations Mediator.

How long have you been working in the legal field?  

     I began working in the legal field in 2001 as a law clerk for a medical malpractice firm.  During law school I worked as a student attorney at two (2) legal aid clinics representing indigent clients in Southeast Michigan.  Following law school I worked part-time for Lakeshore Legal Aid, spent several years as a recruiter for Wayne State Law School and then an associate attorney at a small firm.  I became a mediator in 2018 and opened Space Law in 2019. Wanting to create a Family Law and Mediation practice centered in client wellness, I obtained Certificates in Meditation, Stress Management and Mindfulness from Central Michigan University.  From there a new method for legal services - Mindful Mediation - was born.  

Are you an 'aggressive' attorney? 

     I always think this is an fascinating question!  I believe people are mislead into thinking they need an 'aggressive' attorney.  I would rather be an effective attorney.  Can I be aggressive?  Sure.  Do I think that is the best way to reach my client's goals?  Not usually.  When I hear the term 'aggressive' attorney I often think - waste of resources, both emotional and financial.  I prefer to stay goal centered, encourage my clients to behave in a reasonable way and only morph into an aggressive attorney when absolutely necessary to reach those goals.    

What do you like to do when you are not in the office?

     I keep busy parenting my two children (Brayden and Paytyn) and receive love and support from my amazing significant other (Nick).  We live on a hobby farm along with twenty-five (25) (and counting) rescued farm animals.  During the spring and summer I tend a sizable organic garden.  I do not have a lot of time for hobbies but I do play tennis (badly) and like to listen to audio books.  During the fall and winter I teach ballet and other dance classes to children at a local dance studio.  I have been teaching dance for over twenty (20) years!  The small handful of television shows I try to watch include: Schitt's Creek, The Good Place, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Alaskan Bush People and Homestead Rescue.  

What do you think the biggest misconception about being an attorney is?

       There are so many misconceptions.  That all attorneys make big bucks - untrue.  Most attorneys make a comfortable living but are not TV commercial multi-millionaires.  Practicing law is not at all what you see on television!  Often people forget that attorneys are just ordinary human beings navigating an ever changing profession in a complex and very imperfect system.  We have tough jobs requiring the management of high emotions.  My personal priority is to remain goal focused with each client.  I want my clients to resolve their legal matter in a holistic and forward thinking way.  

Do you represent mostly men or mostly women?  

     I represent both men and women.  The exact ratio of males to females is a good question.  I have honestly never kept track of gender statistics.  It is more important for me to have a client dedicated to having an authentic attorney-client relationship.  I make it clear to my clients that I can only represent them effectively if we have a relationship focused on realistic goals and honest communication.  

How do you do this?  (Usually whispered) You know, deal with divorce, every day?  

     Going through a divorce is certainly a challenging life experience.  I really feel for each individual situation - no two family law matters are the same because each family has a unique dynamic with specific needs.  Although going through a divorce/separation can be emotional for the parties (and certainly a big life change), I like to think my clients become stronger, more resilient parents, friends and family members.  I truly believe that most clients move forward from divorce/separation with gratitude and a better understanding of their own strengths and values.  

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